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Demi Bella's INVITED to 2009
Academy Awards Style Lounge

Seen on BROOKE BURKE from Dancing with the Stars!!

For The Mommy With Style...

Welcome to our website!
Lucky me tee is a stylish and fun way to express how "lucky" you are.
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Whether you are a "Mommy of 1" or a "Mommy of 5", whether you are with your children or not, this is a great way to let people know before they even ask. Our products make a creative baby shower gift as well as a thoughtful gift for any new mommy. Our shirts prove Mommy's can be fashionable and sexy, too. If your a Mom looking for a comfortable, practical shirt, you came to the right place.

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Clickimage aboveto see
link of Brooke Burke in
Lucky Me Tee by Demi Bella on
Dancing with the Stars on ABC.

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For any Mommy of 1, Mommy of 2, Mommy of 3, Mommy of 4 or Mommy of 5, Congratulations!